Asia Liberty Forum: Advancing Liberty & Markets in Asia

Asia Liberty ForumAsia Centre for Enterprise (ACE) will host a public celebration of liberty aimed at Advancing Liberty & Markets in Asia, by bringing together 200 change makers, including some of the best liberal minds from Asia and around the world. The second Asia Liberty Forum will provide a much needed platform to identify critical issues plaguing Asia, explore strategies to face the challenges ahead, and generate ways to strengthen the liberal movement in this part of the world. ACE aspires to make the Asia Liberty Forum a crucial catalyst for connecting and supporting intellectual entrepreneurs in Asia.

Over two days, distinguished intellectuals, think tank leaders, policy makers, business leaders, and change makers will present their work and views on various facets of modern Asia. The forum provides a unique opportunity to interact closely with distinguished experts across various fields; some who are tackling Asia's unique development challenges, and others who bring international experience and perspectives towards charting our future course.

Why YOU should be there:

  • Network with over 200 friends of freedom from over 30 countries who are doing some incredible work to improve the climate of discussion for rational market-based economic policies and good governance during our opening speed networking session.
  • Learn about the “Asian Miracle”, the unprecedented expansion of economic freedom, enabled by market liberalisation from one of the most celebrated academics of our time, Razeen Sally.
  • Meet the leading libertarian ladies from Asia! Learn of their personal stories and their views on what we need to do attract more women into our movement.
  • Discover the relevance of liberal ideas in the Indian context with the leading intellectual and author, Gurcharan Das.
  • Azadi Awards Ceremony: Styled along the acclaimed Bastiat Award, the Azadi Awards will honour Hindi journalists who have helped advance freedom in India
  • Meet the Asian Students for Liberty!

Asia Centre for Enterprise is a social change seed partnership launched by Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Centre for Civil Society in 2012 to identify and support individuals and organisations that promote liberal ideas and policies in Asia. ACE will play the role in Asia that Atlas Foundation plays globally, acting as a mentor and intellectual angel investor.

Our vision is to help create a beaming Asia under the leadership of entrepreneurial visionaries interested in liberal ideas and action.

Our mission is to discover idealists and activists in Asia, empower them through mentorship and training, support them by providing start up grants to develop and scale up their ideas into action and connect them with liberal organisations and individuals globally.

Asia Liberty Forum 2013 saw over 200 freedom champions from across 30 countries come together in Delhi for a 2-day celebration of liberty. For a sneak peak on what happened during ALF 2013, watch some of the best videos here, and see pictures from the event here.

Help us spread Liberty in Asia!

For more information contact: Srijan: | +91 99536 72130

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